REP IT SPORTS, Arizona is looking for moms and dads that want to coach our 2017 Youth Basketball teams . No experience is necessary but knowledge of the sport is helpful and a desire to work with our youth is a must.

Coaches are expected to be positive, motivational, believe in teamwork, camaraderie and to teach our youth the qualities of good sportsmanship. Youth sports coaches, in particular, require patience to handle the growth and development of the young players. This patience is displayed through your own self-control and discipline, which can rub off on the players.

We are looking for approximate 25 coaches who have a commitment to transforming lives on and off the field!

General Responsibilities

Coaches will attend Organizational Meetings including, league schedule meetings. Will be responsible for all pre and post game administrative duties as well as game day activities. Game day responsibilities include but not limited to, pre-game workout, preparing line-up, score keeping, and game statistic record keeping.

If you're interested in becoming a coach or if you have questions, please complete the following form and add any questions or concerns in the comments box and someone will be in contact with you.

Coaches' Registration

First Name:

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By checking this box I agree to the terms and conditions outlined above

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Yes! I understand that the season will last approximately 7 weeks and am able to dedicate the time needed for the term of the season.


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